Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Why do a blog about Figure Drawing? Why not just shut up & draw?

OH, 'cause there's a lot to talk about.

I have a whole other career in the comics industry, but my figure drawing is certainly one of the core elements that got me there. I go to figure drawing sessions regularly, and I took a whole mess of figure drawing classes in college, too. (So many, in fact, that they had to invent new classes for me to take, such as "Independent Study in Figure Drawing III". I kid you not).

I'm excited by a lot of the current figure drawing I see, and turned off by a lot of it, too. I have a whole bunch of things to say, advice to give, and some random observations about the art of figure drawing. And I certainly plan to include all of that here in this blog in the coming days, weeks, and months. And of course, showcase a fair amount of my figure drawings, too.

I take figure drawing seriously, and I think as you read through what's here, you'll get a good primer in how to get the most out of your own figure drawing experience. And as far as posing for figure drawing classes, groups, or individual artists...I know a whole lot about that, too. So, by all means, if you are a figure drawing model, there's going to be a lot here for you to learn from.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll make this a regular stop on your journeys!

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sean said...

Nice, looking forward to seeing more.