Saturday, August 15, 2009

Floating in Space & Time...

I really like how the figure in this drawing seems to be floating in space, or underwater, even, (perhaps enhanced by the color of the paper). (CLICK ON IT to view LARGER).

What I really enjoyed about doing this drawing was that there wasn't any time pressure... it was a series of 20 minute poses by the model on a Sunday afternoon, and there was no urgency to get it done before time ran out, (as there often is in drawing classes or drawing groups). In this case, he just resumed the pose until I was finished. Sometimes having a fixed end time, like 20 or 40 minutes, is a good thing because it gets you fired up to get that drawing done before time runs out. But other times, like for this drawing, not being "under the gun" really worked for me. One of my favorite figure drawings I've done.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sitting Figure

You may have seen this one already... it was one of 2 figure drawings I had published in Blue magazine a couple of years ago.
As always, clicking on it will allow you a larger view.