Friday, February 9, 2007

Drawing On Colored Paper

I drew this the summer before last, when I was still in the beginning stages of using colored paper with pencil & white charcoal for highlights. (Prior to this, my figure drawings were either pencil or ink on white paper only). I think this drawing shows a little more adeptness with the white charcoal than when I started using it. However, I think at this point I was still tentative about it and used the white charcoal pretty sparingly, (it's not too visible here; click on the drawing for a larger view, and you can see it a little better). I'm actually still learning how to use it; as with many aspects of figure drawing, I don't know that we ever reach a level where we feel "OK, I know it all now, nothing left to learn here". Every drawing offers us an opportunity to experiment, to incorporate new elements or techniques, to surprise yourself, and to improve.

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