Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come to my Art Show!

I'm happy to announce that 10 pieces of my artwork will be on display at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington, NY over the next 2 weeks to coincide with the annual Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The film festival opens this Friday, the 13th, and there will be an artists' reception on Sunday, Nov. 15th at 8:00 pm in the Sky Cafe of the Cinema Arts Center.
If you come to the reception, you'll be able to meet me in person, as well as see a whole lot more of my arwork, as I'll have my portfolios with me, filled with pages of my male nude figure drawings and Kyle's B&B episodes & artwork! But, if you can't make the reception, you can come in any time the Cinema Arts Center is open to view the exhibit of my 10 pieces for the show, (along with the work of 3 other artists being featured in this year's show), up until Monday, November 23rd.

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Anonymous said...

I especially love this picture not only is the male bulky and solid but the back and buttocks often ignored shaw we love the entire male anatomy but the well sketched butt its sexy this is sexy. i like to dress with a head piece hat or other such items and wear boots and little jacket and a riding crop or a gown as depicted in these on this blog . I love my out fits and so do my students. a business suit and jacket shirt tie and socks shoes and no pants nice image makes the male vunerable but ina way also strong. also very sexy dont know why but it is.