Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unfinished Symphony

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes when you don't have the time to finish a drawing, that's OK. It might just work as it is. This is something you often see in the old masters' works from the Renaissance: partially rendered figures, that sort of rise out of the paper, almost as if a portion of the body is shrouded in mist.

The drawing above, (click on it to see it larger, please!), was not intended to go unfinished. As I recall, (it was done in 2007), it was getting towards sunset, the light was changing, and I decided to scrap it where it was. Perhaps to pick up at a later point and finish it. But looking at it now, I kind of enjoy it's "unfinished-ness". What do you think?


Sam said...

I'd like this one hanging over my fireplace. It's very warm. And sexy!

Bearfuz said...

I know the model. I kind of think that in its unfinished state is communicates a little of his natural, non-fussy, ungroomed style. :-)